Three funds, three directions

Back future entrepreneurs, bright minds and the school

By giving back to Vlerick, you’ll help drive positive change built on entrepreneurship, talent and knowledge.



It takes guts to succeed as a start-up. But it takes just as much knowledge, guidance and openness towards others and the world.

At Vlerick, we provide the fertile ground for pioneering entrepreneurship to flourish. And with our Student Entrepreneurship Fund, we empower our student entrepreneurs to transform it into a leap for change.

Jorg Hendrikx (left), co-founder of Qviro, received seed money from the Student Entrepreneurship Fund. 

Help our student entrepreneurs take the leap.


Scholarship Fund

Not every top-notch student has the financial resources to access an MBA or Master’s programme.

By making a contribution to our (full or partial) merit-based scholarships, you’ll provide direct support for students with outstanding potential. Vlerick Scholarships are awarded on the basis of the candidate’s academic excellence and personal and professional achievements, as well as their potential.

Kiana Van Biervliet received a scholarship to take her Masters in International Management and Strategy (MIMS).

Help us open our doors to bright minds.


Dean’s Fund

If we want to stay relevant for future changemakers, “good” simply isn’t good enough. We need to excel! Which is precisely where the Dean’s Fund comes in.

This is your chance to make a tangible contribution to the school’s strategic projects. 

Help us continually raise the bar by challenging, innovating and investing.

Make a difference to our collective future

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Eline Debuyserie

Eline Debuyserie

Advancement Officer