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Helping you put entrepreneurship knowledge into practice in your company

Since 1985, we have supported more than 8,200 entrepreneurs as they professionalise and grow their businesses. We take time to understand the challenges they face from the start – so we can help them to achieve healthy, sustainable growth. And we follow a practical approach that fits with their personal and professional commitments.

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Understanding your unique challenges

Whatever stage your company is at, we help you tackle the challenges you face in different business areas. These include everything from personal development, leadership, people management, finance, go-to-market strategies and product management through to supporting activities like building structure and processes, digitisation and governance. We also pay specific attention to sustainability.

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Giving you practical tools you can use straight away

Our programmes are rooted in academic theory. But with the help of our experts and seasoned entrepreneurs, we translate this into practical, actionable insights – so you can put our management models and tools into action in your own company. Our proven methods include experiential learning tools such as simulations, role plays and case studies.


Coaching to achieve your goals

Each long-term programme includes an individual development track. You’ll take part in coaching sessions with business coaches and Vlerick experts to develop a solid action plan. We also connect you with our Entrepreneurs in Residence network.


We’ve developed a number of Playbooks which we use throughout our programmes. These contain templates, insights, tips and tricks on specific topics like culture, cashflow management and performance management.

Download three of our Playbooks right here:


Culture Playbook

A strong and healthy corporate culture gives you a robust foundation for sustainable growth. This playbook offers a practical, step-by-step plan to develop and nurture your corporate culture.


Pricing Strategy Playbook

People often underestimate pricing – but it’s a key element of your company’s go-to-market approach. This playbook presents an integrated approach to pricing, structured around four key components.


Performance Playbook

Motivated employees who actively participate in achieving the desired results are vital to growing your business in a sustainable manner. This playbook gives you practical tips for setting goals and creating a feedback culture.

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Sylien Kesteleyn

Sylien Kesteleyn

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