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Exploring business opportunities using next-generation digital and web technology

The metaverse is the next big thing. Immersive, virtual-physical experiences are at the heart of a radically new approach to the internet. But how can businesses capture the value of the metaverse?

How does existing technology like AI, VR, NFTs, Internet of Things (IoT) and distributed ledger technology (DLT) come together to create value? And how important is Web3 and decentralisation for the future of the metaverse? Let’s explore these fascinating topics together.


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When you join this Centre for Excellence, you join a group of forward-thinking and curious digital leaders and strategists who have an appetite for technology and adding value to business. You’ll broaden your horizons by sharing insights and experience – and you’ll influence and access ground-breaking research. Join us to become part of a powerful community of change-makers, take part in curated events, network with peers – and lead your organisation to ever-greater heights.


Research to power your company

Our research starts from your needs as a company – and our reports, white papers and case studies are business-focused and practical.

Together, we’ll demystify the components of the metaverse and Web3, understand how to create value, explore existing experiments and best practice, and learn how to get started.

Research topics could include:

  • How will the metaverse change the future of work?
  • What could tokenisation mean for your business?
  • How to create, own and exchange digital assets in a digital world
  • How to build and grow a sustainable decentralised economy
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Network, explore, deepen your thinking

We keep a finger on the pulse of the latest trends and developments. Each year, the centre draws up a new programme of topics – designed in close consultation with our partners and members. These form the basis of a series of interactive networking activities that take place throughout the year, including:

  • Seminars and workshops
  • Webinars
  • Sounding boards
  • Company visits
  • Annual events

Expert faculty

Stijn Viaene

Stijn Viaene

Professor of Digital Transformation

Stijn Viaene is dedicated to helping executives transform their enterprises for a digital world.

Bjorn Cumps

Bjorn Cumps

Professor of Financial Services Innovation

Bjorn Cumps is passionate about FinTech, platforms and business ecosystems.


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Gaëtane Beernaert

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