MINOZ Research Centre on Hospital Operations Management

Improving operations management in hospitals

Driving research into operations management and best practice

Hospitals organise care and address patient needs in different ways. But they all face similar operational challenges.

For 25 years, the MINOZ Research Centre on Hospital Operations Management has focused on how hospitals are managed – producing practical insights to help hospitals address current challenges and optimise operational processes.


Join a powerful community

Where do Belgian hospital managers go to get the insights and resources to tackle operational challenges? The MINOZ Research Centre on Hospital Operations Management. This influential knowledge–sharing community is made up of members and partners who all face similar challenges. They participate in ground-breaking research, share experiences and learn from each other and from experts.

Join us to network, share best practice, take part in events – and get the insights to take your hospital management to ever-greater heights.


Research to power your company

Members benefit from cutting-edge research into operations management in hospitals. But you don’t just access our research – you help to define it. We ask our members to highlight current challenges their hospitals are facing. Then together we prioritise a research agenda and set a theme for each term.

Each theme includes activities designed to help you build and share your knowledge. At the end of each theme, you get an extensive report with detailed insights. Recent themes have included design thinking, hospital investments and flexible working.

2016 Experience Vlerick Day

Network, explore, deepen your thinking

Each research theme includes a diverse mix of networking activities – from online and on-campus workshops and company visits, to lectures from guest speakers and an invitation to our annual Vlerick Healthcare Conference.

We also invite your hospital’s C-level executives to share feedback on our ongoing research. When the term is over, we present the research at your hospital, so your colleagues can listen to, and benefit from, the results.

Recent research

Report: A design thinking approach for CX-improvement in a melanoma setting

There is still much room to improve patient experience – but service design can help to bridge some of the gaps. This report shares examples of how healthcare organisations can use service design to enhance patient experience.

Study: The decision-making process around investment in hospitals

Advances in technology and changes in care mean hospitals are having to make careful investment decisions – and these decisions are coming under increasing scrutiny. This means the decision-making process is now based on a clear strategy that sets out how to achieve organisational goals and any investment has to align with these goals. This study explores creative ways to optimise the investment process.

White paper: Flexible working in hospitals: OM and HRM perspective

Flexible working is all the rage – and hospitals can’t escape the trend. This white paper examines what flexible working means for both organisations and employees and how to balance the two perspectives. It looks at what forms of flexible working are relevant for hospitals – and uses practical examples as food for thought for hospitals considering flexible working. 

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Expert faculty

Brecht Cardoen

Brecht Cardoen

Professor of Operations Management

Brecht Cardoen, director of the DBA programme, introduces you to decision science and process analytics – and their impact on manufacturing and service operations. 


Join us

When you join the centre, you become part of a community of hospitals all facing similar challenges. You grow your network, share knowledge and experiences with your peers – and learn from applied research that focuses on your hospital’s operational needs.

If you want to become even more involved, you could become a partner. You’ll become one of our thought leaders – and help to co-define the centre’s strategy. Contact us to learn more.

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Ester Van Haute

Ester Van Haute

Senior Researcher