Newcomer Induction Management Acceleration Programme (NiMAP)

Research project

With support of the European Social Fund and the Flemish Government, Vlerick Business School and Talentree – a company that coaches organisations to build diverse teams – carried out the ‘Newcomer Induction Management Acceleration Programme’ (NiMAP).

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The NiMAP project focused on bridging the gap between companies and highly educated newcomers. Based on real-life experiences of many parties involved, toolkits were developed for both highly educated newcomers and companies to help them overcome the hurdles they face and find mutual benefits instead. In addition, we drew on our learnings to formulate a number of policy recommendations with regard to the labour market integration of highly educated newcomers.

Toolkit for highly educated newcomers

This toolkit consists of 5 tools designed to help highly educated newcomers who recently arrived in Belgium in their search for a job.

  • TOOL 1: Setting your new job goals
  • TOOL 2: Preparing your CV and cover letter
  • TOOL 3: The importance of networking
  • TOOL 4: From first call to getting hired
  • TOOL 5: Kick-off in the company

You can also download the complete toolkit for highly educated newcomers.

The tools offered me invaluable insights, tips, tricks and most of all encouragement to keep on working towards a great next job!” (Cameroonian logistics professional)

As a seasoned professional in the medical industry looking for a job in a new labour market was challenging, since I did not have the necessary local business network. The tools supported me in building my network and inspired me with local industry habits and trends.” (Syrian medical director) 

Toolkit for companies and training toolkit

This toolkit consists of 4 tools focusing on the different stages an organisation can go through in their development towards a multicultural workforce, ranging from getting diversity on the strategic agenda to managing diversity on the work floor. The toolkit is accompanied by the training toolkit, which translates the 4 tools to 4 training modules (consisting of PowerPoint presentations and exercises) that can serve as a basis for organising internal diversity workshops.

You can also download the complete toolkit for companies.

*If you don't have PowerPoint installed on your computer, you can still open and view the PowerPoint presentations by using PowerPoint Online in a web browser.

The tools are useful and very relevant nowadays. Both potential employees and employers are taken into account. We will definitely recommend them to our candidates, other organisations and local governments.” (HR professional, Stad Gent and OCMW Gent)

Great mix of theory and practice through interaction and exercises! I learned a lot today about things that I wasn’t aware of, but which are very important in reality. I will build upon these insights in my daily work!” (Recruiter, Telenet)

We didn’t scratch the surface, this training facilitated in-depth conversations that allowed us to hold up a mirror to our perceptions and behaviours. The fact that we had business owners and HR colleagues together in the session, was a real added value.” (Recruiting manager, Telenet)

Policy recommendations

Download the policy recommendations for the labour market integration of highly educated newcomers here (in Dutch only).

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